Beekeeping of Japanese honeybees

About Japanese honeybees

Japanese honeybee is the native species which lives in Japan from ancient times.

On the other hand, Western honeybee originally inhabited Europe and Africa.

Since it can collect much honey, it was exported all over the world.

The western honeybee was imported to Japan about100 years ago.

As a result, the number ofJapanese honeybee keepers gradually decreased.

Now few people keep Japanese honeybees commercially.

But it is said that several thousands people keep it as a hobby.

The difference between Japanese honeybeeand Western honeybee.


The character of Japanese honeybee is calm, so it hardly attacks us.

On the other hand, one of western honeybeeis more aggressive and it often attacks us.


Japanese honeybee can defeat “Giant hornet”

The following movie is about Japanesehoneybees on Youtube. A group of Japanese honeybee is defeatingGiant hornet.


While Western honeybee can never defeat gianthornet and is annihilated.

Since Giant hornet inhabit in Japan, westernhoneybee can't live without support by human.

The following movie is about westernhoneybees on Youtube.

If you want to know more about Japanesehoneybee, please click here.

Explanation of this page

Do you know Japanesehoneybees?

Japanese honeybees live onlyin Japan.

My father keeps them in in myhometown, northern part ofKyoto Prefecture,Japan.

Keeping them is my father'shobby.

I describe how to keep them.


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